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        因為專注  所以專業 | PRODUCTS

        PROFINET BUS.22AWG.04
        1x4x22AWG CAT5e C-track HH2

        Industrial data and bus cable

        High flexible, suit for drag chain laying

        甲胄式設計,高強度低摩擦性 PUR 外護套
        Armored design, high strength low friction PUR jacket

        產品應用 Application

        • 拖鏈場合敷設電纜
        Drag chain laying

        • 干燥或潮濕的室內
        Dry or wet indoor environment

        • 甲胄式設計
        Armored design

        • EMC 屏蔽,耐油
        EMC insulation, oil resistance

        產品結構 Structure

        導體:高柔性多股精絞鍍錫銅絲 (22AWG, 0.38mm²)
        Conductor:High flexibility multi-strand tinned copper(22AWG, 0.38mm²)

        Insulation:Solid Polyethylene

        Insulation diameter:

        Insulation color:White, blue, yellow, orange

        集合:標準星絞結構:對 1# - 白 / 藍,對 2# - 黃 / 橙
        Cabling:Standard star-quad: pair 1#- White/blue, Pair 2#- Yellow/orange

        Armored inner jacket:

        總屏蔽:鋁塑復合帶 + 鍍錫銅絲編織 ( 編織密度:85%)
        Overall shield:Aluminum foil + tinned copper braided (coverage: 85%)

        外護套:高強度低摩擦性 PUR, 紫色 (RAL 4001)
        Jacket:High strength low friction PUR jacket, purple (RAL 4001)

        Cable diameter:

        產品特點 Properties

        • 適用于 PROFINET
        Suit for Profinet

        • 工業以太網 10/100Mbit/s
        Ethernet 10/100Mbit/s

        電氣 & 傳輸性能 Electrical and transmittal performance @ 20 ℃

        Conductor DCR Max:

        工作電容 @ 800Hz:56nF/km
        Operating capacitance @ 800Hz:56nF/km

        特性阻抗:100Ω(±15%) @ 1~100MHz
        Characteristic impedance:100Ω(±15%) @ 1~100MHz

        Transmittal performance:Applicable for Cat5e specification

        耐電壓 ( 芯 - 芯 ):1.5 KV AC / 1 min
        Test voltage (core to core):1.5 KV AC / 1 min

        耐電壓 ( 芯 - 屏 ):1.5 KV AC / 1 min
        Test voltage (core to shield):1.5 KV AC / 1 min

        其它性能 Other performance

        峰值工作電壓:300V( 非動力應用 )
        Peak operating voltage:300V(Not for power transmission)
        最小彎曲半徑 Min.bending radius: 6×D( 固定敷設 Fixed installation)  12×D( 移動敷設 Flexing installation)
        工作溫度 Operating temperature :-40 ℃ ~ +80 ℃ ( 固定敷設 Fixed installation) -30 ℃ ~ +80 ℃ ( 移動敷設 Flexing installation)
        阻燃性能 Flame resistance: IEC60332-1
        無有害物質 Non-harmful substances :RoHS
        符合低電壓指令 Comply with Low Voltage Directive:2014/35/EU(LVD)
        電磁兼容性 Electromagnetic Compatibility:EMC

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